Brief History SSSF

Shah Sachal Sami Foundation (SSSF) is a not for profit registered organization and Established in 1990. SSSF is working for empowering the poor section of Society . It is registered with and Exchange Commission (SECP) of Pakistan under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance of 1984 Government of Sindh in April 2016. It was formed by a group of deprived youngster and realized that their socio-economic, and community condition were not improving due to lack of education and people were not enrolling their children in schools.


As a group of deprived youngster realized that their socio-economic, and community condition were not improving due to lack of education and people were not enrolling their children in schools. This was the key moment when the group of youngsters decided to start work as volunteer to promote education, and lunched campaign “Shah Sachal Sami Jo Pegam, Karyo Ilam Khe Aam” – a famous old slogan of 03 eminent saints of Sufism in Sindh: Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Shah Sachal Sarmast, and Sami – that access to education should be for everyone.


This campaign initially took immediate actions of mobilization in 100 villages of District Shaheed Benazirabad where education activities were carried out with help of philanthropists. Book bank was established and more than 3000 children were provided books. 1200 children provided school dresses and more than 200 children were provided fees of school. In 05 years 600 best student’s awards and 200 best teachers’ awards, best parent’s awards were provided. Education conferences, mobilization meetings on enrollments, education campaign were also launched in whole the district.


This campaign paved the way for formation of under name of Shah Sachal Sami Foundation (SSSF) as the group decided to promote the education in the entire Sindh province, beyond district. Later as the organization was formed the message of these saints was extended to communities for fostering peace, harmony, and brotherhood among all the factions of the society including the minorities.


The whole process of awareness and learning yielded an organization which envisioned a society in which all citizens, irrespective of their gender, class, religion or sect, have equal opportunity for growth, and participation in local and national affairs. The organization aims at empowerment of the marginalized communities and supports the process of their poverty alleviation through direct interventions and advocacy.


Within the objectives to build capacity of the communities SSSF has been investing its efforts for betterment of service delivery through education, health and hygiene interventions, poverty alleviation through micro-financing, sustainable agriculture, livelihood, and natural resources management programs. SSSF for promotion of community empowerment and ownership has been active in forming social groups, mass mobilization, advocacy and networking. SSSF has been stimulus for many organizations in Sindh to work collectively for disaster risk reduction, disaster management, and emergency response. SSSF has got appreciation in developing community based infrastructures and promoting water and sanitation among communities either in emergencies and/or in normal situations.


Within conceptual framework to rural development and emergency response, SSSF started its field operations in Nawabshah district from Jan 1990. From the outset, partnership with selected CBOs/NGOs was developed and efforts were made to enhance managerial and technical capacities of individuals and institutions. Education emerged as the most important program followed by sustainable agriculture and livelihood. Going ahead with development process along with local partners SSSF identified other thematic areas as community based infrastructure became main objective and gender and environment were added as cross cutting themes. Most of the partner CBOs became implementation partners in community based infrastructure and sustainable livelihood programs.



SSSF being dynamic in learning from experiences, and looking forward was known as leading organization in Sindh within a short span of time. SSSF has a team of professionals in the field of community development as well as humanitarian response with a wide range of experience and technical expertise in multiple sectors, and organization has a set of trained committed volunteers in the communities as well as in the BoD who continue to provide guidance and facilitation.