Organizational Profile

Organization Name: Shah Sachal Sami Foundation (SSSF)
Contact Numbers: +92-244-381045 +92-244-330489
Registration Under : The Societies Registration Act, 1860
Registration Number: 5544
Postal Address: Bungalow # 160, Housing Society, Near Gulshan Public School Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistain
Postal Code: 67450


Shah Sachal Sami Foundation (SSSF) came into being as a group of deprived youngster realized that their socio-economic condition and community condition were not improving due to lack of education and people were not enrolling their children in schools. This was the key moment when the group of youngsters decided to start work as volunteer to promote education, paving the way for propensity and advancement of the society. In this connection, the group lunched campaign “Shah Sachal Sami Jo Pegam, KaryoIlamKheAam”–a famous old slogan of 03 eminent saints of Sufismin Sindh: Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Shah Sachal Sarmast, and Sami – that education should be for every one amid at fostering peace, harmony, and brotherhood among all the factions of the society including the minorities. The features of the campaign were: mobilization in 100 villages of District Shaheed Benazirabad was carried out with help of Philanthropists. Book bank was establishedand more than 3000 children were provided books. 1200 children provided school dresses and more than 200 children were provided fees of school. In 05 years 600 best student’s awards and 200 best teachers’ awards, best parent’s awards were provided. Education conferences, mobilization meetings on enrollments, education campaign were also launched in whole the district. The campaign ensured the origination of Shah Sachal Sami Foundation as the group decided to promote the education in the entire District and beyond the District.


Shah Sachal Sami Foundation (SSSF) is non-profit organization established  in the  year  1990 for  the  benefit  of  mankind  especially for the  economically and  socially  backward  rural  people. It has been working with an objective of promoting education, human rights, social, economic development of deprived and marginalized communities residing particularly in rural areas. Main thrust area of the organization is social, education, economic development of neglected women of most backward communities and minorities through organizing the women into groups and provided varies, training, exposure and workshops on leadership, decision-making,  strengthening and improving the women involvement in the process of at all levels, gender, political involvement, economic generation activities. The organization has had implemented 25 small and large scale projects on Capacity building on Democracy & Human Rights Program in 12 Districts of Sindh, Voter Education Campaign, Democratic Human Rights, Citizen Education Program, Strengthening Democratic Governance in Pakistan,  and Farmer Development Project during last three decades.

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